Induction VAV System

The Induction VAV system works on a similar principle to the standard VAV system varying the quantity of primary cooled air to the room in response to the cooling requirements. However the Induction VAV system takes the energy saving capability and comfort levels of the system to a higher level.


These benefits are achieved through the use of special induction VAV terminals that induce room air into the terminal to mix with the primary air before the total air is delivered to the air conditioned space. This allows the system to operate with lower primary air temperatures, typically 10 deg C and this means about 30% less air flow is needed for given amount of cooling than a constant or variable air volume system using a typical 14 deg C supply air.

This large reduction in the primary air flow results in major energy savings due to the reduction in the fan power consumption in the air handling units and also means the size of the air handling units and the associated air ducting can be reduced by 30%. 

A further benefit of the Induction VAV system is that the total amount of air supplied to the air conditioned space by the Induction VAV terminal reduces less than the reduction in the primary air flow. This results in the system being able to operate down to 20% primary airflow without cold air dumping from the air diffusers. The limit on a standard variable volume system is typically 50%. This means the Induction VAV system can operate with lower minimum flow settings resulting in even more energy savings when operating at low load conditions.

Barcol-Air is a market leader in Induction VAV systems and have a complete range of VAV terminals for all applications with built in pressure independent and factory calibrated digital controls

The Induction VAV terminals control the amount of primary air supplied to the room as well as the amount of room air induced back into the terminal in response to a room temperature sensor or BMS system. Barcol-Air Induction VAV terminals incorporate the following features:

• Induction system operating with a Digital Actuator Controller enabling the VAV terminal to be calibrated to deliver the exact maximum and minimum airflows required for the areas they serve and any airflow in between to satisfy the cooling demand from the room sensor or BMS system.

• Pressure independent control using patented Flo-Cross airflow sensors which provide an accurate measurement of the airflow to the Digital Actuator Controller. This allows the VAV terminal to deliver the calibrated airflow independent of the upstream air pressure.

• Accoustic lining to minimise noise breakout.

• Optional electric or hot water heater to provide heating if required.

• Optional multiple connector air outlets.

Type NV Induction VAV terminals
• Pressure independent with Flo-Cross airflow sensing
• Inlet connector from 100mm to 400mm diameter
• Airflow 100 to 5,000 m³/h
• Factory installed and calibrated controller and actuator BMS System
• Optional hot water or electric heater
• Optional multiple connector air outlets
1. Induction VAV Terminal
2. Heater (Option)
3. Digital Actuator/Controller
4. Multi connector air outlets (Option)
5. Air Diffuser
6. Hot water Supply
7. Light Fixtures

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